The puncture among the bottom is more able to feel the soles of the feet of the cloth?

by:BEF     2020-07-13
The workers in the construction, building environment is extremely complex, and there's a certain risk, steel nails, steel and other hard building supplies basic is everywhere, therefore, to ensure that the foot will not be hurt by these hidden danger, the piercing work shoes dress is becoming important. Nowadays most use and puncture-proof assignments are on the market selection into the overall in the soles of a steel block, in order to prevent the stabbed, but due to the thickness and hardness of the steel plate is difficult to make the wearer is in use process happen the entry of foreign bodies, especially when in the heels of a human body, can't timely to remind the wearer, prevent further foreign body piercing, this is very dangerous. And increase the use of baotou steel in work shoes, closed structure also makes the wearer feel unwell. As a result, work shoes for the wearer's safety and how to talk about? But on the application of bottom and puncture-proof cloth, not only has the traditional work shoes puncture-proof, prevent slippery, wear-resisting performance, also have a cold, shockproof, light, ankle, toes, foot feeling comfortable, breathable, better fatigue easing the wearer's feet. In order to can bring better security protection to the wearer, picked artificial science such as design idea, more joint foot, let more comprehensive protection. Superior performance is to prevent puncture cloth bottom can be tolerated in 150 after the twists and turns, still won't produce the phenomenon such as take off layer, fault, its wear resistance and twists are far higher than the traditional shoe bottom.
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