The protective role of safety shoes in the mechanical manufacturing industry

by:BEF     2020-11-27
For the manufacturing of large mechanical equipment comes into play, should strictly check the equipment in good condition, and check the equipment use fixed number of year. During equipment installation and removal, must be strictly in accordance with the relevant safety protection measures and construction scheme and safety technical standard. Specific to wear resistant to smash puncture resistant safety shoes, wearing a helmet, anti-slip gloves, etc in the process of equipment manufacturing, if when handling raw materials, equipment, due to improper check in equipment failure, the method, without appropriate protection, may cause equipment parts foot, so must wear resistant function of safety shoes for safety protection. On prevention function is installed on the top of the shoe have resistance to impact in baotou, baotou placed within shoes and shoes, and put a sponge, baotou pads at the end of article, can smooth in baotou and the integration of a shoe, can increase the folding resistance and comfort. Equipment in the process of manufacturing, hard to avoid can have some metal debris scattered on the ground, there may be some other sharp equipment placed in the equipment manufacturing factory, so we will be in production operation in safety shoes with puncture proof functions, prevent foot pierced the soles for metal objects. Puncture resistant is due to the above the soles in sheet steel, prevent the various pointed person pierced the soles, so that safety shoes to prevent foot hurt. Large equipment manufacturing industry covers a wide range, which includes raw materials preparation, processing technology, components and manufacturing semi-finished product inspection, product assembly, finished products, storage, transportation and so on each link. In specific operations, will involve different types of hazards, such as object smashing pressure, mechanical injury, lifting injuries, falls, etc. , in the face of such a complex and hazard factors of manufacturing plant, its operation workers must wear resistant to smash puncture proof function of the safety shoes. Smash puncture proof resistant safety shoes, work for large equipment manufacturing complex scene is indispensable, because to do a good job of protection, occupational health and safety management, to ensure the safety of production, equipment, personnel, security also is of great significance.
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