The protection principle of labor insurance shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-07
Labor insurance shoes is one of the appliances for labor protection has been taken seriously by people in recent years, people used to think the foot does not have to wear labor insurance shoes, as more and more safety accidents caused by foot, safety shoes labor insurance shoes become more and more popular. Due to the foot of the safety accidents are divided into three aspects: slipped, injuring, pierced. As a result, the safety shoes on the market at present labor insurance shoes mainly from these three aspects to play a protective role. Slip: at present there are all kinds of labor insurance shoes soles are texture design, main have prevent slippery effect, at the same time some strong abrasion resistance material, non-slip performance is better; Parts: the current labor insurance shoes hit set consists of baotou steel and leather bags, obviously, smashing effects of baotou steel than the shell head effect is good; Pierce: labor insurance shoes soles all by steel addition, prevent the tool wear shoes, feet hurt workers. And some with special protective effect of labor insurance shoes, such as: acid and alkali proof, high temperature, heat preservation labor insurance shoes, etc. , according to the need of the actual working environment, choose suitable labor insurance shoes is the best choice!
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