The protection principle of industry safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-04
Safety shoes belong to safety and protection class, is mainly used to protect the foot and leg from the foreseeable harm. Due to the production process of raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemical materials, machinery and equipment requirements are relatively high, so high technical content, high added value. Different workplace use different safety shoes products. In the industrial enterprises to protect the safety of the foot shoes called safety protection, the main feature is the top of the shoe to withstand 20 kg hard objects from the impact of the 1 m high vertical to the ground. This safety shoes also developed other industries of different categories of products, such as: to prevent a foot on a nail or other sharp object piercing on the soles design; And skid resistance, anti-static, temperature resistance, resistance to specific fuel and chemical material and so on. Logging or building materials need to use the chain saw, the use of chain saw felling or building materials are likely to make the skin injury, ankle and foot, and toe, so you need to wear protective shoe. Due to the different work environment are different, so should according to different work environment to choose the appropriate protective shoe, also the working environment there are likely to be different. Corrosive chemicals in the chemistry lab, lab, also want to wear the appropriate protective shoes and relevant protective shoes need to warehouse inventory. Punch shoes, slippers, and a similar shoes may not be wearing in the laboratory. Wear protective shoes must be covered in the laboratory the whole foot, to guard the whole foot, soles, shoe materials according to the laboratory environment, materials handling, and tasks. At the same time, the soles slip resistance, abrasion resistance, oil or the performance of the heat.
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