The process of rubber sole

by:BEF     2020-07-08

transparent rubber in the rubber soles is divided into two kinds, one kind is transparent rubber, common city end of beef tendon. Another kind is pure transparent rubber, commonly known as glass glue.

today we mainly talk about the translucent rubber formulation and process. Factories across the country at the end of production of beef tendon, but really in strict accordance with the technological process to operate, can achieve formula set few theoretical value. The reason is that one is to save the cost, the other is don't understand the normal process of exactly what to do. Most of all in the copy someone else's, as long as the color can be close to, can be semi-transparent. Today what I say is a kind of set theory formula of formulation and technological process can be achieved, based on this framework, can produce reached the international advanced level around 2000 on physical standards. At the same time also can achieve making NIKE and ADI products such as standard. Why can not meet the current international latest level, because restricted by material and our ideals.

material effect on the physical properties is very important. At present, the development of the rubber material in China is very big. Gm material can basically reached the international level of the 90 s. But the quality of different manufacturers material difference is very big. If everyone in the use of white carbon black, to $6000 a tonne, some only 3000. If you want to do a good product properties, please select original manufacturer's products. What impressed me most is when I was in a foreign capital enterprise, the original water experiment measure the test of finished shoes, must use a brand of washing powder to test in the United States. And ten years. Is one of China's washing powder quality is bad? No, but the pursuit of a stability. Raw materials you may spend a little money, but abnormal reduction in the production, reduce defective items, also is equivalent to save money. General plant often spend most thoughts in solving the abnormal production, is also the most ungrateful. Everyone should have a night without sleep overnight to deal with the problem. Formula

China shoe rubber factory is short of most? Technology! Everyone should feel the same way, in order to find a good teacher, is required, for the sake of a good recipe, it takes a lot of money! Please don't to full-time, part-time, please. For raw materials, technical guidance, but also to spend money to buy raw materials, materials, and so on. Excellent RB formula must also conform to the three basic requirements: physical properties, cost and workability the three best balance. Must be approved by multiple optimization and the production test to finally determine the formula composition. Formula design is a very complicated work, design formula is needed according to the requirements of each property index reasonable choice of main glue and cooperate with the agent, also asked the designer familiar with various operating characteristics of the machine, to comprehensive consideration, at the same time also need to consider factors such as environmental protection. At present, China's overall formula technology level 30 - to lag behind the international level 40 years. Because our technology industry before liberation is blank, the liberation and suffered events such as the cultural revolution, until we come back to find, has been far behind.

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