The primary method of choose and buy safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-11-26
Safety shoes application more and more widely, from the construction site or production workshop, usually need to use safety shoes, in order to ensure the safety of the operation workers' feet. And there are methods to follow safety shoes of choose and buy, introduce below, facilitate everybody safety shoes when the choose and buy more direction and identify the sex. 1 according to the estimate standard, safety shoes is the most important feature is the head to withstand 20 kg hard objects from the impact of the 1 m high vertical to the ground, the kinetic energy to absorb the 200 joules. Now a lot of safety shoes also added other safety performance, to develop products of different functional category, such as puncture proof safety shoes are just blank design, prevent foot nails and other sharp objects pierced. 2 safety shoes sole features including skid resistance ( Forward movement) And grip ( Backward movement) Other safety features include preset minimum, sole antistatic property, temperature resistance, resistance to specific fuel and chemicals ( Acid and alkali) Sex. 3 comfortable breathable dry safety shoes can improve the work efficiency of workers, prevent workers from the feet or legs chronic disease. Comfort performance of the most important indicators include shoe materials must conform to the specific standard of waterproof and breathable, inside materials should be easy to absorb sweat, easy to disperse the smell after take off their shoes. Comfortable soles design also includes a base, on foot and arch support, soft and elastic degree, a foot pad and heel shock design. 4 shoemaking process may also affect its wear with time, such as injection molding process is for the sole directly cast into the instep, combining effect is quite perfect, maximum limit reduces the bottom, the phenomenon such as water seepage or into the dust. with durability, abrasion resistance and puncture resistance and so on characteristics, therefore, even in the most difficult work environment, can also be in a very durable time, have the effect of safety protection. 5 when bulk order safety shoes, recommended to the factory production order, or choose the latest production batch of safety shoes, safety shoes quality more assured. Hebi co. , LTD. As a safety shoes manufacturer, is producing all kinds of multi-function safety shoes, industrial rubber, rubber shoes, work shoes, and provide personalized processing customized safety shoes. Cast in the 60 years of professional quality, focus on excellence, speaking is not good, wear after just know! Welcome to inquire, the phone - 0371 53378753!
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