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by:BEF     2020-07-09

every been to New Zealand friends, to New Zealand's blue sky, white clouds, green grass and forest was impressed, and New Zealand are known as 'the last piece of pure land' in the world, with New Zealand's environmental protection concept is inseparable. The first feeling of environmental protection, New Zealand is in the airport. Have heard that New Zealand's security is very strict, some medicine and food are not allowed to take entry, so we are very carefully packing luggage, but still imperfection. When we first set foot on the land of New Zealand, in the airport, their security guards let my husband took off his shoes. He is wearing a pair of sports shoes, because last week just climb over the mountain, and got some soil on the soles of the shoe, they let us later, just looking for someone to clean the soles, we ask why, they said, we want to check if there is any seed, the soil because it is forbidden to any New Zealand seeds and toxic substances into the country. This is the people we meet the most stringent security checks, but they also let us to greater environmental protection concept. New Zealand is a country of animal husbandry developed, mutton and dairy exports first in the world, whose products are come from their country that green meadows and forests. Local new zealanders said to us, your sheep in xinjiang, claims to be drinking mineral water, eating Chinese herbal medicine, in fact, our sheep are not, and our country pay more attention to protect the environment, in order to prevent water loss and soil erosion and do not threaten the survival of the species, we don't have any pesticides and fertilizers, and let the natural vegetation. In New Zealand, we eat mutton is very delicious, New Zealand's milk is delicious, fresh sweet milk flavor, drank not bulging belly, I think this is inseparable with their environmental protection. In New Zealand, everywhere you can see the harmonious coexistence of people and nature, and animals. New Zealand birds, ducks, and pigeons are not afraid of people, when you are sitting on a park bench, these small animals can wander at your feet, raise your head, waiting for you feed it, even the rare black swan, also is not afraid of people, it will eat bread crumbs from your hands, don't worry you will hurt it at all. It is because the New Zealand people environmental protection consciousness, will reach the perfect harmony of human and nature, and that makes New Zealand the last piece of pure land in the world, to realize the sustainable development of the real. In the face of environmental protection, our country still has a long way to go, need to he, you and I, we need to the government and the people can only accomplish together.

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