The performance of the safety shoes will be influenced by what factors?

by:BEF     2020-11-28
Safety shoes are shoes digit place is equipped with metal protection baotou baotou or non-metallic protection, to protect workers digits will not be wounded or impact extrusion, mainly is suitable for the object hit or squeeze the workplace, such as machinery industry, mining, metallurgical industry, building industry, etc. The influence factors of digit safety shoes safety analysis: 1, the influence of the protection of baotou baotou protection material thickness, shape, internal length, the edge width to determine whether the structure to withstand standard impact resistance and pressure resistance. Material thickness should be moderate, thickness is too small, reduces the rigidity of baotou, too thick to increase the weight of the baotou, affect the wearing comfort, therefore, protection of baotou factory should take a test to determine the enterprise production adopted by the thickness of the material. Protection of baotou internal length are the important factors influencing the safety performance. 2, the influence of the shoe sole is also the important factors influencing the safety of safety shoes. should have corresponding hardness, make the protection of baotou in shock or under pressure, can to protect the baotou require support strength, so that the impact or pressure can be effectively transferred to the ground, without causing the soles at the top of the protection of baotou and other spare parts in force after a sole. 3, the influence of the insoles most safety shoes have a fixed insoles. If the insole cover the whole length of the sole, insoles will extend to shoes baotou protection in the space below, reducing the internal clearance protection in baotou, thus to protect the baotou can provide the protective effects of adverse effects. Therefore, when the insole has affected the protection of baotou internal clearance, thereby affecting the impact resistance and pressure resistance, can consider to thin insoles for shoes head position. 4, the influence of the manufacturing process in accordance with GB/T 28288 & ndash; The provisions of the 2012 different models of protection of baotou is suitable for different shoe number, manufacturers should be according to the production of shoe size, choosing the right protection of baotou model, to ensure the safety performance meets the requirements of safety shoes, and wear comfortable.
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