The original too soft and too hard labor insurance shoes are not suitable for foot health

by:BEF     2020-12-01
Too hard is it not better abrasion resistance, labor insurance shoes soles puncture strength is high? Too soft labor insurance shoes are wearing comfort is good, the sole bending resistance is good? Of course, the answer is not necessarily, labor insurance shoes sole is too soft and hard is not optimal, and the labor insurance shoes in the foot is not conducive to health. Next let small make up one by one, to you! Labor insurance shoes too soft, center of gravity be unsteady. Some shoes, not wear old after willing to throw, or don't have to wear shoes LACES tight. In fact that can't provide enough support for foot. In the long term, between the ankle and knee bone cartilage degeneration. Suggestion: when choosing labor insurance shoes, shoe heel part must firmly & other; Grab & throughout; The foot. When wearing, the LACES are fasten to toe, great toe can activity, can be natural arch, but heel will not move. Labor insurance shoes too hard, more than 7% under pressure. In addition, wear too hard labor insurance shoes may also aggravate the knee osteoarthritis. Advice: buy labor insurance shoes, shoe heel can be folded in half and view its hardness. Appropriate labor insurance shoes should be folded in half, hard and soft sole bending position, Angle, and the similar degree of the foot bent when the person. See better made up of introduction, the labor insurance shoes soles soft and how to correctly choose the availability of a new understanding of good labor insurance shoes safety shoes sole must be soft hard moderate, the mainest is sole hardness can meet the demand of function of the workplace. Choose labor insurance shoes, safety shoes, must choose to suit oneself, can not blindly listen to others introduction to labor insurance shoes, if you really don't know how to choose a pair of suits own labor insurance shoes, can go to the hebi co. , LTD's website to check the labor insurance shoes safety related introduction.
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