The original labor insurance shoes also can wear it

by:BEF     2020-12-12
Most people may not know, labor insurance shoes ( Safety shoes) Design is different from ordinary clothing design, it is by the state department of labor management, its protective function in the form of standards or regulations make provision, the importance of labor insurance shoes protective performance is more than beautiful sex of the look. In the national standard, the labor insurance shoes ( Safety shoes) The design principle of have the following basic requirements: ( 1) Generally should comply with the basic principles of safe, applicable, beautiful, generous. ( 2) Be helpful for human body normal physiological requirements and health. ( 3) Design is on the specific needs of the protective design. ( 4) To adapt to the physical activities homework, easy to wear off. ( 5) In the process of operation, not easy to induce hook, hanging, ground, ground. ( 6) Is advantageous to the dustproof, anti-fouling, in order to avoid contamination of the body. ( 7) Aiming at the need of protection function, choose corresponding fabrics. ( 8) Easy to wash and repair. ( 9) Labor insurance shoes vamp colour should be distinguished somewhat with the background color workplaces, must not interfere with the correct judgment of all kinds of colored light signal. Would all have a safety sign, logo color should be smart and strong. In the aspect of technical requirements for processing and production of labor insurance shoes has its special requirements, such as: leather performance requirements, including the fabric tear strength, shrinkage of the fabric, fabric washing fastness. In vulnerable regions, such as the soles, the vamp, lining, a layer of the fabric should be labeled with cloth cannot meet the need. Button color, quality of a material should obey the general design requirements, the work place such as electrical equipment to disable the metal buttons.
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