The origin of the anti cut cloth from ancient armor?

by:BEF     2020-07-17
In primitive times, when we know that everyone is in the common life together, slowly in the late development of tribes, the leaders, the smoke of war to ring, when armed with only a simple uniform and protective body armor, pass by to improve continuously demand, the combat equipment has made great improvement, but for the armor change is not being removed, to see the modern anti cut cloth can not help but reminiscent of the cut cloth is established on the basis of the prevention by extension armor? From the qing dynasty found in armor, you can see on the cut cloth's predecessor, first of all, the part of the protection is not only the chest and back, the design concept is the basic consistent, puncture-proof, prevent cutting are armor on the function need necessary. With an armor, including cutting cloth fabric layer, among them, the fabric layer described its one side with adhesive layer, and referred to the other side of the adhesive layer and the ultra strong fiber textile cloth fabric of the cut of adhesive layer, described the cut layer and described the fabric layer direct suture become the cut of ontology. Compared with the existing technology, it has a knife to cut resistant to wear and tear, and other functions, is the public security, armed police, army, security, drivers, oil, mining, smelting, the thin plate processing, glass processing industry practitioners are cut at any time under the condition of wearing protective clothing. Wear comfortable, can cling to, look like ordinary clothes, feel soft and comfortable, lightweight breathable, combines the advantages of perspiration, quick-drying. Although in history for the cutting cloth is the precursor of the armor no specific data show that but it is not hard to find their design idea and purpose are very similar.
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