The nine categories of Chinese shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-03
According to the protective performance of shoes in our country to carry out the classification of Labour protection shoes, mainly has anti-static shoes and conductive shoes, insulated shoes, shoes, puncture proof against acid and alkali shoes, safety shoes, waterproof shoes, prevent slippery shoes, puncture proof special shoes, warm shoes, waterproof shoes, etc. 1, anti-static shoes and conductive shoes to prevent the human body static electricity and cause of the accident site, among them, the conductive shoes can only be used for electric shock risk is not big, in order to guarantee the effect of eliminating the human body electrostatic, the bottom of the shoes may not stick with insulation material, and is unfavorable to wear high insulating sock. 2, insulated shoes ( Boots) For the protection of the electrical workers, to prevent electric shock accidents in certain voltage range; Insulated shoes only as auxiliary safety labor insurance supplies, mechanical performance requirements must be in good condition. 3, main function is to prevent falling objects above shoes foot, shoes before baotou have impact resistant material. 4, prevent acid-base shoes ( Boots) Used for ground with acid and other corrosive liquid such as acid splash workplaces, the acid-base shoes ( Boots) At the bottom of the can and should have good acid and alkali resistance and permeability. 5, puncture proof shoes for foot protection, prevent by various hard objects stabbed. 6, steelmaking shoes main function is to prevent the burning hot, cut, ability must have static pressure and resistance to a certain temperature, non-flammable. 7, waterproof shoes ( Boots) Used in the area of oil or oil splashing places. 8, warm shoes ( Boots) The foot protection for workers at low temperature, from frostbite. Warm shoes ( Boots) Points without heat source and heat source type two kinds, the former like cotton shoes, fur boots ( Boots) And so on, the latter such as thermal shoes ( Boots) , usually in fuel ( Such as oil, carbon) Electric heating to heat source. 9, waterproof shoes ( Boots) Used for ground water or water splashing workplaces. Varieties have mining waterproof shoes, salt flats, aquatic boots, planting boots, etc. , wear-resisting, prevent slippery, puncture proof required for this boots, etc. , aquaculture, salt flat boots and salt resistant rubber.
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