The necessity of wearing anti-static safety shoes labor insurance shoes

by:BEF     2020-11-29
Wearing anti-static safety shoes is to eliminate static electricity in the accumulation of the human body, prevent below 250 v electric shock. If human body electrostatic high savings, tiny dust particles and electrostatic adsorption after the friction friction on fire, these are all can produce damage in the production and human body damage. In electrostatic increased saving environment, work and daily environment, antistatic safety shoes has a very important role. One, to the skin for a long time in the electrostatic increased saving environment, there is often pore greaten, dry skin, dermatitis, skin itching and other symptoms. And daily operation of computer office white-collar face facial diseases such as lupus, pigmentation disease probability is much higher than without a computer, this is due to static electricity generated by the computer screen has attracted a large number of floating dust, make facial stimulation. This is especially true for sensitive skin. Medical experts on the brain: dry electrostatic does have effects on the brain, it will cause the nerve cell membrane current conduction abnormalities, affect the person's central nervous, make a person feel very tired, be agitated, insomnia, headache. Three, to the heart in clinic, when critically ill, some people may use a form of electric shock to save patient life, because the heart can shock defibrillation. Is a certain amount of current can have the effect of save, but normal people don't need current. If the human body static electricity in just a few kv even carried thousands of volts, it will seriously affect or even change the potential inherent in the human body, especially the influence to the normal work of the heart, which may cause abnormal heart rate and heart premature beat. Winter has a third of the cardiovascular disease is associated with static electricity, did not find the cause of heart patients, neurasthenia, nine times out of ten people because by electrostatic interference may go for a long time. In some electronic production industry, the production workshop is clean, if don't wear antistatic safety shoes, that working in the human body electrostatic adsorption dust in tiny particles that can electronic products with ash can appear when electric short circuit, so that product quality problems will appear. In some inflammable and explosive chemical products in the chemical industry is to wear esd safety shoes, this is to prevent static friction caused by the fire, according to the production and the human body the hazards. So for the electrostatic hazards have an industry, wearing a pair of antistatic safety shoes is a must.
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