The main purpose of the EVA material

by:BEF     2020-06-27

ethylene - EVA material is Vinyl acetate copolymer, general (vinyl acetate VA) Content at 5% ~ 40%. Compared with polyethylene, EVA due to the introduction of vinyl acetate monomer in the molecular chain, which reduces the high crystallinity, improve the flexibility, impact resistance, heat intermiscibility of filling and sealing performance, are widely used in foaming shoe materials, functional films, packaging film, hot melt adhesive, wire and cable and toys, and other fields.

generally, EVA resin performance mainly depends on the molecular chain of vinyl acetate content. With the development of the footwear industry in China as well as an increase in the amount of functional films, China's demand for EVA resin will also increase year by year.

1, foam sole EVA soles is EVA material is the main application field in our country. According to coating online, in the EVA sole use EVA material, vinyl acetate content is in commonly 15% ~ 22%. Because the EVA resin blend foam products has soft, good elasticity, resistance to chemical corrosion, such as performance, therefore they are widely used in high-grade sports shoes, mountaineering shoes, slippers, sandals, soles and interior materials.

in addition, this kind of material is used for sound insulation board, gymnastics MATS and seal material field. China guangdong shunde, zhongshan, fujian jinjiang, quanzhou and wenzhou in zhejiang province is a major production base of China's footwear, consume large amounts of EVA resin products each year.

2, the main purpose of the film

EVA film is the production of functional films. Functional films with high weather resistance, prevent droplets and heat preservation performance, because of polyethylene has no polarity, even add a certain amount of droplets remover, the droplets prevention performance also can only be maintained for 2 months or so; And add a certain amount of EVA resin films, not only has high light transmittance, and the droplets performance has improved greatly, generally more than four months. In addition, EVA can be used in the production of packaging film, medical film, laminating film, cast film, etc.

3, wire and cable

with the continuous development of computer and network engineering, for reasons of safety of computer room, people are increasingly using halogen-free flame retardant cable and silane crosslinking cable. Because the EVA resin has good packing inclusive and crosslinking, so in halogen-free flame retardant cable, shielded cable and ldpe-g-nvp semiconductor silane crosslinking cable used in more.

in addition, the EVA resin was also applied to some special cable sheath. In wire and cable used in EVA resin, vinyl acetate content is in commonly 12% ~ 24%. 4

EVA resin, toys in the toy has more applications, such as TongCheLun, seat cushion, etc. China's toy industry is developing rapidly, producing more focused on coastal dongguan, shenzhen, shantou and other places, mainly exports and foreign processing. According to coating online to know the manufacturer consumes about 5000 t, EVA resin with grades and shoes materials are basically the same.

5, hot melt adhesive

EVA material as the main ingredient of hot melt adhesive, because do not contain solvents, no pollution and high security, is very suitable for automated assembly line production, therefore they are widely used in wireless binding books, furniture edge banding, cars and home appliances assembly, shoemaking, carpets coating and metal anticorrosion coating.

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