The main material and labor insurance shoes sole characteristics analysis

by:BEF     2020-11-27
is one of the main components of labor insurance shoes, and shoes itself on the play to the effect of the protective performance. Its function mainly is wear-resisting, corrosion resistant, oil and so on, different properties of labor insurance shoes also have different soles. According to the material can be simply divided into: natural rubber or synthetic rubber, etc. 1, natural rubber, natural rubber advantage is that it is very soft, flexible, suitable for all kinds of sports shoes, but the downside is also obviously that is not very wear-resisting. Indoor sports shoes multi-purpose natural rubber. 2 and divided into wear-resisting rubber, synthetic rubber, environmental protection rubber, rubber air, sticky rubber, hard rubber, rubber and carbon. 3, rubber outsole: the soles is not common, the end of the raw materials is industrial glue, through mixer mixing, can again into a mold heating forming, its characteristic is soft and very slippery. According to different use location can be simply divided into: insole and integral soles. 1, the inner bottom: insole can also appear in the package at the end of a form, and the bottom of the package, the inner bottom structure is folded in big shoes at the bottom, and not like the sight of the appearance overall rubber soles, actually in the inside of the rubber sole is with shoes, at the bottom of the bottom is also called MD in the bottom, belongs to a kind of a EVA foam. 2, monolithic sole: ( 1) , monolithic soles, the most common is a EVA foam molding soles, this kind of sole costs, and prevent slippery degree and poor, sole touchs the water like a put on roller skates. ( 2) Overall, PU sole, PU sole belongs to cold molding soles. PU bottom feature is portable, but should not touch water, what will happen when meet water chemical reaction, and a layer of a layer of corrosion. ( 3) , pure rubber sole: pure rubber sole for more outdoor climbing shoes, work shoes, electricians shoes. The soles real consists of rubber, advantage is wear-resisting antiskid, the disadvantage is that weight is too big. The above is the types and characteristics of labor insurance shoes soles, all kinds of different material has its own unique soles, we can according to your choose and buy when protection needs to choose suitable products.
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