The main factor to choose the appropriate safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-11-27
Choose the most appropriate safety shoes, the main factor for the wearer will face in the working environment. In general, safety shoes with soft and well protected against dampness, moisture, absorb sweat function, etc. A falling objects or collision, hit a homework were at the scene, can choose to have protect steel toe head to prevent heavy and sharp object impact function. The requirements to achieve the LD50 - 94 standard. Second, extra homework site have nails, metal waste or other sharp object, cut the risk of the foot, can choose puncture proof function, its required to achieve GB12017 - 89 standard. Puncture proof super 1100 n, Ⅰ level 780 n, Ⅱ level 490 n, when the choose and buy attention to specific environmental characteristics determine the corresponding performance levels. Three, anti-static anti-static necessary to eliminate human body electrostatic accumulation and prevent below 250 v power supply shock protection shoes, the sole insulation, have to be considered to prevent shock or shock hazard, it required to achieve GB4285 - 1995 standard. Four, electric insulation electrical insulating shoes is can make the person's feet with a charged object insulation, protective shoes to prevent electric shock. It required to achieve GB12011 - 2000 standard. Five, acid and alkali resistant shoes leather acidproof alkali concentration can only be used in general at a low ph workplaces, not soaked in acid and alkali liquor for a long time to work, must achieve GB12018 - its requirements 1989 standard. Six, must be made with non-slip soles sole function, according to different work environment, the material of the soles and grain design can increase the friction, the antiskid can have better effect; Soles can be made into a shockproof, prevent electrostatic and insulation, heat, oil, and other functions. Seven, vamp material such as rubber or PVC can be used to prevent water infiltration, but when the safety shoes made with this material, also because of its gas impermeability, and makes the wearer feel uncomfortable without health. To prevent water penetration, but have so far to let air in and out of the material, allows users to wear it feel more comfortable and health, however, its relative price is quite high. Are usually made by leather has good permeability.
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