The large mechanical equipment installation dismantled also need to wear labor insurance shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-12
In the large mechanical equipment for installation and removal, we should be strict inspection equipment in good condition, check equipment use fixed number of year, and in the operation, we will in strict accordance with the relevant construction scheme and safety technical standard for homework, should wear a helmet when homework, belts, gloves, wear labor insurance shoes, clothes, especially when disassembling must smash puncture proof safety shoes wear resistant. Large-scale construction machinery and equipment in the process of installation, the installation personnel shall not enter, because in the process of equipment installation is more dangerous, we asked them for all the workers and staff must wear labor insurance shoes, helmet, this is to avoid the happening of the accident, asking them to strictly homework at the same time, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the original manual mechanical equipment, may not arbitrarily change the operation method or operation order, otherwise equipment installation process again, if not cooperate with each other well, may appear high altitude falling objects above workers, as well as installation parts scattered on the ground and accidentally stepped on by the sharp device pierced the case such as soles, so we asked workers must wear safety shoes with special functions. In addition to pay attention to safety protection when installation, when mechanical equipment to dismantle protective measures need to be same, the large mechanical equipment in the dismantled it is different from the ordinary mechanical removal, demolition of large-scale construction machinery and equipment, must strictly keep tools, bolts, the work high above the tool and the tiny components should be placed within the toolkit, it is strictly prohibited and parabolic, small installation components should be reliable for method, tighten or loosen the bolt, it is strictly prohibited hands operation, should be a lever wrench, holding derrick rail. The aim is to reduce the risk of accident, because of a little do not pay attention to these mechanical equipment will not only hurt is our feet, and our bodies and even life-threatening, so whether to install or dismantle the large mechanical equipment safe operation. In the face of large mechanical equipment working scene of such a complex and hazard factors, the operation of workers must wear labor insurance shoes, wearing a helmet, whenever we do a good job in security protection, to ensure the safety of production equipment, personnel, security has important significance.
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