The key to a good pair of shoes is the sole?

by:BEF     2020-07-05

the foot is the base of the human body, with the foundation of the building, if bad foundation instability will cause the housing structure. Plantar fascia tissue will withstand the metatarsals and the tensile strength of the heel bone separation, and for a variety of different cases the required torque when giving activity, flexibility and absorption and the ground reaction force. From the point of view of human biomechanics, excessive valgus foot subtalar joint can cause low arch flat, joint pulling plantar fascia and fascia inflammation.

a major cause of plantar fasciitis: foot caused by injury or improper shoes with internal structural abnormalities, foot joint too loose, increase activity, body overweight cause foot joint load, long standing and sitting calf pulmonary myenteric and hamstrings too loose or too tight, heel tendon too tight, too short, heel pad because of age and reduce, heel bone spurs, plantar fasciitis the ache like nobu leg pain, knee pain, waist pain, etc. Trod on sharp health trails, often wear sandals and slippers, prolonged standing, walking, being overweight, wear high-heeled shoes, high arches, flat feet, etc. , other diseases caused by the foot bone deformation.

how to prevention and treatment: a Taiwan more than 20 years old canvas shoes, female college students due to days of wearing the hard bottom by a sole is too hard and too thin, cause his right foot plantar fascia inflammation, and rupture by stepped on a sharp object, too painful to walk.

the doctor pointed out that often wear high heels or soles of shoes is too thin, too hard, easy to make the plantar fascia inflammation, rupture, delay in treatment may cause foot joint early degeneration. So a good pair of shoes is not only judged by this pair of shoes appearance, important is fits your feet, wearing comfortable, don't choose good shoes sole, soles soft will reduce the strength of the buffer so as to better protect their feet as well, this is the judgment standard of a good pair of shoes.

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