The kevlar labor insurance shoes, military armored guards

by:BEF     2020-07-15
Advances in science and technology for our life brought the convenience of the general, former smartphone to upgrade, and pay a simple code, notting have is not for our life more add a comfortable! Former labor insurance shoes, too, deserve to go up a pair of steel and steel bottom head, the weight, after innovation, become the kevlar labor insurance shoes, not only increased the soles, bend, stretch, and to reduce the weight of the shoes. At the same time, his strength is 5 times of the same quality of steel, and the density is only one 5 of the steel. Has a permanent heat-resistant flame retardancy and permanent antistatic ability and permanent resistance to erosion of alkali and organic solvent. High strength, high wear resistance and high tear. By generating drop, won't produce poisonous gas. Fire cloth cloth will thickening and enhance its sealing, not burst. The kevlar China labor insurance shoes with the invulnerability of true ability, the military is a 'armored guards.
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