The kevlar labor insurance shoes material is widely used to you don't believe, all right!

by:BEF     2020-07-18
In history, the inventor of the body armor no detailed records, we are not privy to the inventor of the concrete, but we know that is related to a similar armor has been historically is some, can be concluded that the idea of body armor is from where come of, say it you may not believe, kevlar bulletproof clothes inside used materials, in our China kevlar labor insurance shoes also have him, according to test, not only can resist cutting tool made of kevlar body armor and resist the ability of armor-piercing bullet is much better than glass fiber reinforced plastic and steel armor, used in nylon and glass fiber in the same circumstances, his protective can at least can more than double, and has good flexibility, wearing more comfortable, more portable, weighs 4 - 6 kg and has been widely used by the army and police forces. What do you think this is the end of the kevlar labor insurance shoes material in China? In fact, it is far more than, our nearest to several areas of motorcycle gear, Europe and the United States some brands of helmets in the selection of material is added into the kevlar layers increase the toughness of the helmet to improve their level of security, widely used we saw cycling jerseys and jeans, compared with thick fur, cycling jerseys and jeans after adding the kevlar weight without other changes, but his safety performance is improved, and will not bring clothes itself in the design of the impact, to enjoy the leisure design consumers have more choices. Is really so, it's the use of the kevlar labor insurance shoes material is so strong, you don't believe it!
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