The kevlar labor insurance shoes, a pair of shoes, a proud!

by:BEF     2020-07-26
Have leisure time to store, bought a pair of kevlar labor insurance shoes in China, the boss told me that this shoes is the material of body armor, at that time, a listen to, think that the boss exaggeration to not line! Just a pair of labor insurance shoes, want to buy a high-priced also don't need to deceive people! I defy spirit, come back again after the Internet a check, found that it was not easy! The above said: 'the kevlar is a human one of the most important product since the man-made fiber was invented, combined with the excellent material of high strength and light weight, is considered to be the world's strongest fibers. Kevlar application in protection is not just limited to body armor, he in many aspects of our life and production provide excellent protection. Such as kevlar gloves made for special work gloves is more better than other materials do wear-resisting and not easy to cut, at the same time to keep the hand flexibility and comfort. Can also prevent high temperature burns, kevlar village of as development companies, both warriors in battle and in the production line workers, defend the defenders of the people or open an unknown adventurer, all because of kevlar advanced science and technology, the perfect combination of high strength and light weight, so they can be ruled out difficulties to realize the dream. 'Looks like I see less, the kevlar labor insurance shoes in China is not so easy as I thought the shoes! Had he, my feet is much safer!
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