The introduction of knowledge of anti-static shoes to use

by:BEF     2020-12-04
1, the main purpose of this kind of shoes can be avoid electrostatic accumulated in human body, at the same time also can prevent lower than 250 v electric current electric shock on shoes. 2, this kind of shoes is the most main applicable area in order to avoid because of the body's own of electrostatic and may result in burning, or explosion accident occurs, the electrostatic exist more environment. ( Such as oil industry, chemical industry, electronic industry, etc. ) 。 3, this kind of shoes with conductive shoes have a common characteristic, that is in use when wearing these shoes, the user can't wear a thick with insulation performance of the wool socks, also will not be able to put his shoe insoles can insulation; The most important thing is please do not use this kind of shoes as insulated shoes to use; 4, in order to achieve a better anti-static, or is the effect of the conductive, so at the time of wearing anti-static shoes, your environment by the ground should be anti-static; And when wearing conductive shoes, your environment by ground should be conductive. 5, when wearing anti-static shoes, users should also dress in matching can prevent electrostatic and at the same time should also be aware of protective equipment clean, waterproof, and moisture. 6, this kind of shoes in the use of a certain amount of time, usually for 200 hours, it should be a test, to see its resistance in is outside the scope of regulation, if the resistance is not between 100 to 100 k ohms m ohm, that the shoes can't again as anti-static shoes for use.
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