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by:BEF     2020-12-01
High-voltage insulating boots series: 20 kv, 25 kv, 30 kv, 35 kv, 40 kv electrical insulating rubber insulating boots series are hebi products co. , LTD. , carefully prepared for you, welcome you to inquire this series of products of detailed information. Electrical insulating rubber made from natural rubber processing and become, with cotton lining, high-voltage insulating boots have 20 kv, 25 kv, 30 kv, 35 kv, 40 kv five grades, it is mainly used for high voltage electric power, electrical equipment maintenance auxiliary safety shoes. Electrical insulating boots 1. Product features: the multiple components, the thickness of adhesive, reasonable design, sophisticated technology, wearing comfortable, reflective and bright, has good warning role effectively guarantee the safety mining friends foot. 2. Applicable scope: is suitable for high voltage electrical power equipment of homework as auxiliary and safe appliance. 3. Function upgrade: to solve the problem after the miners wear rubber soles wet to dry, wearing uncomfortable reflective drug mining boots, now increased activities insoles: insole is not only convenient cleaning, easy to dry, and have the function of drug, wearing comfortable. This product for my company's patented product, the product. Note: ( 1) Electrical insulating shoes must be carefully checked before use, if discover any damage should not be used. ( 2) Homework should be openning cylinder is set into the boots, the boots unfavorable contact oil, acid, alkali or other chemicals, unfavorable for high temperature operation work boots ( 3) Wear abrasion of available shall, from time to time, pay attention to the outsole. If outsole decorative pattern after wear off, it should not be used. ( 4) In wearing it to prevent sharp and sharp prick soles and uppers ( 5) With cold water washing time, reflective surface is stained with dust, with a soft cloth or soft brush to scrub clean, dry, after washing the shade not insolate or baking to avoid cracking aging. Thank you for your attention, if you want know more, welcome to the information, we will provide you with the most satisfactory service!
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