The innovation of sole materials

by:BEF     2020-11-22

the vigorous development of sole materials in the past 70 years is a dramatic process. 1, in the 1930 s, only leather soles material, wrinkles thin rubber board and wood. We can not use wood as shoe's regular material, despite the existence - clogs It is interesting to note that clogs lets people review the commonly used material shortage era of world war ii. Vulcanized rubber to produce 2, 40 s, synthetic material, such as styrene - after the war Developed rubber butadiene rubber and resin. Resin rubber is a kind of thin plate, to use the court shoes are still very popular. 3, in the '60 s, thermoplastic polyurethane material such as PVC. 4, thermoplastic rubber and thermoplastic polyurethane put into use in the 70 s. 5, and add the EVA in the 80 s. 6, production out of the vulcanized rubber in the 90 s. POE - is breakthrough for the development of the sole materials Polyester synthetic rubber. Compared with leather, natural rubber even quality in general, is still the one big characteristic of sole materials. And what's interesting is more accepted sole materials - first Rubber and PVC to occupy the dominant position in market and in the future for a period of time, it seems, are still to continue the cause of the state. This is because they have a wide range of acceptability, price advantage compared with other materials, and both rubber and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has been in constant development to meet such as portable and have larger design space of modern needs. Rubber class together, a total of all the different varieties of sole account for about half the number of all the world's shoe. Vulcanized rubber to produce all types of shoes, especially the lighter, micro cellular models of footwear, confirmed has the versatility and the nature of acceptability, occupied 50% of the total rubber class.

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