The influencing factors of safety shoes non-skid effect have those?

by:BEF     2020-12-04
Labor insurance shoes, with safety functions is essential supplies of production safety, we usually use insulated shoes, electrician shoes, prevent hit the outsole material such as safety shoes with oil resistant, slip resistance, abrasion resistance, compression resistance, water resistance, good elasticity, heat resistance, impact resistance, easy for foot type, after finalize the design is not easy to distort, thermal insulation, easy to absorb moisture and so on, these also has the function of the basic safety shoes soles. So if our safety shoes must be very good anti-skid function, basic functions, there is no need to pay special attention to? Actually affect insulated shoes, safety non-slip soles of many factors, such as soles material, surface hardness, dry humidity, smooth, sole pattern, structure, etc. Slip can be divided into two kinds of basic situation, dry ground of anti-skid effect, often referred to as a dry slide. And under the condition of ground water is slippery effect called wet slide. In order to prevent slippery effect needs for different environment design to the requirement of safety soles slide function of different shoes and shoe soles. Safety insulation sole background of rough and rugged, can effectively increase the real contact area, thus increasing the friction, improve the effect of slide. Structure, the thickness and depth of different background, the deformation and the actual contact area with the ground are also different. Insulated shoes electrician sole grain design, want to consider the contact area of dry, also want to consider in contact with water wet, too. In a word, safety labor insurance shoes material and decorative pattern structure on its slippery slide functions play an important role.
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