The importance of labor insurance shoes for safety protection

by:BEF     2020-12-02
Some sites now many workers wearing sneakers, slippers, even few workers would wear really conform to the standards of safety shoes. And, in accordance with the relevant provisions on the construction site workers must work according to the need to protect toes wearing safety shoes, the shoes because of ladle the top of the shoe, can effectively avoid the crush hard poke injury, metal and other foreign damage. But workers wearing tennis shoes or slippers, don't protect the toes. People without wearing a helmet, when suffers accident harm, due to injury is the head, is likely to result in serious injury or death, but I don't wear protective labor insurance shoes, by contrast, will hurt much lighter, rarely life-threatening. Also for this reason, correctly wear labor insurance shoes often ignored by workers. In fact, because the workers in the use of tools, machine operation and handling material such as job, feet in the lowest parts of the job position, usually to be exposed to heavy, hard, at any time with edges and corners of objects, so that by the crushing, wounded or crowded; , on the other hand, if there is no stand feet, the body will lose balance, destroyed the normal operating position, may cause an accident. So, protect the foot of the labor insurance shoes equipment is particularly important. According to the operation conditions and choose special suitable labor insurance shoes, boots, it is possible to prevent the foot injury. According to the operation conditions and choose appropriate labor insurance shoes also is not enough, for now the big background, the purchase of Chinese shoes enterprises can accept prices are generally lower, and the low price also determines the cost of the product, which can lead to cheap labor insurance shoes quality can't cross the border, the labor insurance shoes don't a lot of protection. Choose to suit, conform to the standard of labor insurance shoes is responsible for his own life. Hebi co. , LTD. , strength of safety shoes labor insurance shoes manufacturers, production of all kinds of safety shoes, industrial rubber, rubber shoes, labor protection shoes, and provide personalized processing customized safety shoes. Factory direct sale, high quality and low price, welcome to choose and buy, telephone 0371 - 53378753!
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