The identification of qualified electrical insulating boots

by:BEF     2020-12-12
Use the unit before buying electrical insulating boots should carefully understand product standard and the manufacturer to provide detailed instructions, according to the different conditions and protection requirements, and fully confirmed, correct selection again, otherwise it will cause serious consequences. Identify qualified electrical insulating boots, should possess the following identification: 1. On the upper and sole should be the standard number ( GB12011) The wording, electrical insulating shoes ( Or English abbreviation & other; 嗯” ) And lightning tag and withstand voltage value; 2. On the upper and soles shall also have the name of manufacturer, shoe number, product or brand name, date of production and electrical insulating properties factory inspection qualified chapter; 3. Every electrical insulating shoes should be on the package: such as 6 kv leather cattle insulated shoes, 5 kv insulation cloth rubber shoes and other tags, the standard number ( GB12011) Trademark and the use of information, etc. ( Electrical insulating shoes) See quality electrical insulating shoes must master the choose and buy quality standard: one refers to the processing quality, and the address of the shoes, the second refers to the safety shoes quality. In order to check the quality, the country has released many standard safety shoes, and set up the quality inspection center, issued and implemented the production license and safety sign, implement the system of supervision and inspection. Use the unit should be choose the product that has passed the verification to ensure the quality of its safety. Due to the improvement of people live and work, although insulation cloth shoes cheaper, but use has very little. Now mostly adopts electrical insulating leather shoes. Electrical insulating shoes requirements including the following aspects: 1. Should have non-slip soles soles function. The sole and heel should not have the metal hook heart etc. Outsole materials used in the leather, rubber, polyurethane, polyethylene hydrogen ethylene, synthetic rubber, etc. Some rubber and plastic foam material is relatively soft, good elasticity, but strength is not enough, so should be chosen with composite electrical insulating shoes, at the bottom of the intensity of the outer layer with good material, good soft bottom lining with elastic, so can buffer the impact of videotapes and ground vibration, prevent or mitigate the effects of vibration on the human body. 2. Walk heel to facilitate, heel appropriate USES low heel shoes, the heel of the best height is 2 ~ 75 px, heel to wide, to maintain stability in the walk. 3. The vamp material: with more diverse work environment, and the long time wearing, so the vamp material selection to permeability is good material, to adjust the microclimate inside the shoe; The organizational structure of the vamp material shaking, should be closely, has certain thickness; Feel better, and has good flexibility and softness; At the same time requires a certain capacity and resilience, namely, although after a long walk and repeated flexible from large deformation; And asked to wear it and foot type can cooperate well, won't cause any part of the foot after wearing has the pressure pain. 4. In baotou has impact resistance and pressure resistance of electrical insulating shoes have commonly in baotou. Should be done in baotou, metal materials, surface insulation treatment. Puff should be fixed between front-end in the vamp and shoes lining, can't activities, and remove. 5. Help end connection and bottom mold injection molding process is used to connect the relatively strong, glued seam line more times. For help end connection to suture, should not use up and down through the stitching, but can use the side seam. 6. Shoe shoe shoe and foot type to match, the selection of shoes shoe number to agree with foot type size, should be slightly larger partial fat some, wear shoes into the shoe, about 25 px gap in the top of the shoe part, this is because people around two feet size is not consistent, at the same time in the human body, afternoon and evening, after walking foot would have change, the biggest size can be increased 3% 5%. When the choice according to the following method: don't tie his shoes, the forefront move toe shoes and heels back can easily insert the index finger; Lace up, in the middle of the toe is a finer parts ( Notch) The front of, confirm whether there are any spare; Determined to comply with the above two, the ground walk with it, to observe the shoe fits, fastening, confirm the widest part of the foot and the shoes are consistent.
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