The hot weather, be careful with snakes roams love the car!

by:BEF     2020-07-26
Recently, the hot weather, there are still a lot of snakes around. Sometimes lost, will be hidden in a nearby car, it's not the fire brigade said just got a report to the police found a cobra on his car, because the cobra hidden too deep can't find it. Police looked round decided to repair workers give off the car tires and bumper, because of the noise, 'hiss' cobra was frightened to happen, the firefighters prepared to personal protection, good wear goggles, and puncture-proof gloves and protective boots, clamp with snake snake 'seven inches', and quickly into the prepared woven bag, success will be caught the snake. The catch a snake action is near misses, falls. Although it is the beginning of autumn season, but the hot weather has not receded, snakes were or will be very frequent, feral, citizens travel or pay attention and be careful, it's better to put a standing in the bus by European standard anti puncture in the base cloth woven bag, for a rainy day, also can help in time of need, but also have some alcohol, smoke, realgar, sulphur and driven, snakes, after all, is the most afraid of that. More than one hand ready to European standard base cloth and puncture-proof, hands ready to drive, safe to decide.
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