The harm of static electricity and the necessity of wearing anti-static safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-02
Many production activities, the workers often be forced to wear antistatic safety shoes, not wear not only cannot work normally, even can not access to the work area, is this why? Because they don't wear antistatic safety shoes, will produce excess static, in the process of work and normal work have some harm to the human body. The harm of human body static electricity, static electricity is induced by industrial workers occupational disease is one of the main factors and threat to safety production, electrostatic except for accumulation can produce explosion, the harm to human body is huge, ultra high electrostatic can change the normal human body surface potential difference, interfere with the normal ecg transmission, lasting electrostatic will cause the blood alkaline increases, resulting in a decline in calcium content in the serum and increase the excretion of calcium, thereby cause itchy skin, pigmentation, affect the person's body physiological balance, interfere with the person's mood, etc. Wearing anti-static, the necessity of safety shoes to wear anti-static safety shoes is to eliminate static electricity in the accumulation of the human body, prevent below 250 v electric shock. If human body electrostatic high savings, tiny dust particles and electrostatic adsorption after the friction friction on fire, these are all can produce damage in the production and human body damage. In some electronic production industry, the production workshop is clean, if don't wear antistatic safety shoes, that working in the human body electrostatic adsorption of tiny particles that can cause dust, electronic products with ash can appear when electric short circuit, so that product quality problems will appear. In some inflammable and explosive chemical products in the chemical industry is to wear esd safety shoes, this is to prevent static friction caused by the fire, production damage and harm human body. Electrostatic though very small, in short, invisible, but life has great influence on our production, in order to guarantee the normal work of the electronic, medical and other industries, industry staff must be in accordance with the relevant provisions in antistatic safety shoes.
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