The four factors influencing the price of safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-11-24
Safety shoes are not the same as ordinary casual shoes, its production process with high technology content and higher than ordinary casual shoes protective footwear products. Safety shoes in the whole production process of raw materials, processing equipment, technology and design has certain requirements, so different price of safety shoes also each are not identical. Basic safety shoes price of raw materials, protection grade shoes, shoe styles and four aspects to determine the production process. 1, raw materials raw materials generally divided into leather safety shoes ( And natural leather) And the fake leather ( And artificial leather) Two kinds, and often leather price is higher than artificial leather. Leather material surface has tiny pores ( But to the naked eye can't see) , with your thumb on the leather, safety shoes have good flexibility and there will be a fine leather grain. Artificial leather surface looks than real leather surface smooth, squash with the hand vamp will immediately after the recovery, not some small grain, and it smells shoes will have the taste of chemical raw materials. 2, protection grade safety shoes price is proportional to the degree of protection, that is to say, the higher the degree of protection, the higher the price of safety shoes. Generally the hit ( The strip head) Function of the safety shoes, according to the protection of digit protection grade can be divided into An1, An2 type, An3, An4 and An5 five levels, An1 the highest level, An5 lowest level. Protective performance is higher, its safety shoes impact resistance and pressure resistance of the higher technical indicators, safety coefficient for protection of digit, the better. Security protection grade of the shoe selection requires a combination of actual danger coefficient to decide. 3, shoe styles safety shoes styles can be divided into high help in safety shoes and safety shoes, low for three. Generally high help safety shoes price is slightly higher than the low safety shoes. And the choice of safety shoes style, mainly depends on the use of the scope of protection and climate environment, high for safety shoes can defend the ankle, or cold weather in winter under the environment of use; Low help can only protective heel in the hot summer with more; And the help, given the low between help and high, use more flexible and is enjoyed by most people. 4, the making craft of safety shoes manufacturing process, generally USES three kinds of seam, adhesive and plastic injection, if unilaterally from the consideration of the technological process, the injection safety shoes price is the highest, followed by the adhesive safety shoes, seam process before safety shoes price relative to both the lowest. Injection molding, glue joint process safety shoes is the most popular in the market at present is a, new shoe, wear light, soles generally made of polyurethane material wear-resisting performance is better; Adhesive relative to the traditional safety shoes technology, style and material is different, but the price is different; Seam technology commonly used in the flat bottom of poor safety shoes. Above all, safety shoes price decision factors from various aspects, but one thing is not to say that the higher the price of safety shoes, is, the better the performance of homework personnel protection, the key still should see the use of specific environment and protection needs.
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