The foot protection without a pair of safety shoes ( Labor insurance shoes)

by:BEF     2020-12-03
At present, the industrial and mining construction industry foot hazard situation is very serious, the main causes is stepping the objects, touched objects, heat or corrosive substances, splash bruised and manpower to be down in the objects. At the same time, the foot hurt or workplace fatalities caused by factors, the second largest, accounting for about 13%, the total number of accidents, 1037 cases a year. Foot injury include power damage and electrostatic damage. Electricity damage, refers to the electricity flows through the foot to the internal organs, and destroys the human heart, lungs, nervous system, etc. , make the person appear convulsion, breathing suffocate, ventricular fibrillation, cardiac arrest and even death. Electrostatic damage, which results in some occasions, electrostatic can have been both surface and foot body; Work in the environment full of flammable gas, if the release of electrostatic processes improper, will become a fuel source, at any time caused the explosion. Under the simple understanding of the types of the foot injury: mechanical damage: falling objects against toes; Collided with hard object; By rolling hard objects collision; Pierce, etc. Electrostatic: inflammable and explosive environment, the body surface charge accumulation triggering explosion; Below 220 v voltage, power frequency capacitor equipment because of static electricity caused by electric shock. Get an electric shock, electric shock when electricity flows through the contact point into the ground through the human body, cause fatal damage to people. Slip, slip may lead to serious hurt and bruised and even death. Chemistry: chemical splash could lead to a foot skin burns. Other: high and low temperature, ankle, etc. So for the industry of construction workers, has a pair of safety shoes that protect their foot or how important it is for labor insurance shoes, when the accident happened, we can through a pair of labor insurance shoes or safety shoes to minimize the damage of the accident, it is not just a matter of a pair of labor insurance shoes, this is the love of her body, but also love to your family care!
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