The expiration of the safety shoes is how long?

by:BEF     2020-12-13
Safety shoes with protection functions such as particularity, the period of validity is a very important indicators, the expiration of the period for use safety shoes may lose their protection, pose a threat to the safety of the user. So, how long is the validity of the safety shoes? Safety shoes typically use one year after the need for quality inspection, but need according to the corrosion degree of safety shoes, wear to decide. If using the environment is good, low wear rate, may use one to three years. On the other hand, for the bad work environment, such as electroplating, because of strong corrosion, is three months may need to replace the safety shoes. Long time deposit may degrade the performance of the safety shoes, safety shoes are using PU sole, PU long time deposit are degraded, soles will appear the problem such as craze, so if you buy PU soles, safety shoes, it is important to note that the storage time. Safety shoes according to different protection key, divided into different types, such as for anti-static and insulation special safety shoes, need to pay more attention to the validity, anti-static shoes use is generally not more than 200 hours, each more than once, should carry on the resistance test once, if not qualified, do not continue to use. Insulation safety shoes including electrical insulating leather shoes, cloth shoes for rubber, plastic rubber shoes, plastic shoes four categories. Each type according to the intensity of labor, the different working environment, reasonable time limit for the use. But should pay attention to the following points: 1, the storage time: if the insulation safety shoes factory, more than 18 months, electrical preventive inspection must be conducted; 2, degree of wear and tear: as long as help was broken in the bottom of the corrosion, regardless of size, cannot be used for electrical insulating shoes again; 3, detection: insulation safety shoes in use at least every 6 months for a performance test, such as unqualified shall not continue to use. No small matter, the so-called security beyond the validity safety shoes although looks fine, but the protective performance is greatly reduced, as a user must always pay attention to safety shoes, could the so as to avoid accidents.
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