The end of the old and the new antistatic performance, the original has changed so much!

by:BEF     2020-07-15
Qiu dong season there is one thing can let a person very hate, believe that we all know, that is static. Of electrostatic brings us not only reflected in the daily life, the harm of static electricity is more serious in industrial, if within it is strictly prohibited to fireworks production workshop electrostatic generation is likely to receive a large fire, so in the work personnel need equipped with corresponding conductive shoes or anti-static shoes, etc. , to avoid human foot electrical discharge between the electrostatic and insole and sole cause explosion accidents, etc. Early conductive shoes and anti-static shoes is in soles configuration metal electric nail nails make foot and conductive metal direct contact, let the foot of the static electricity can be transmitted through transfer of conductive nail to nail metal conductive contact under the ground. Although such way of conducting effective, but for the wearer, not only comfortable, also very restrict, if long-term wear the anti-static shoes operation will inevitably brings to the staff a lot of trouble. To this end, a has the advantage that the conductive ability strong, wearing comfortable, can solve staff's feet and conducting nail in direct contact with the discomfort in the conductive shoes are what the consumer needs the product. Antistatic design is at the bottom of the change in the initial design, change the line design of conductive gold to miserably with conductive fiber synthetic fabrics, so that it can make the bottom in the antistatic and conductive pin increase the contact area. Can transmit to the ground more quickly to electrostatic, has higher conductive ability. Secondly, considering the wearing comfort, but also in the antistatic joined the buffer layer upon layer, not only can slow walk to give to the good buffering capacity, also gave some comfort, luo foot feeling disappear.
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