The electrical insulating shoes to wear with use is not so easy as you imagine

by:BEF     2020-11-28
Electrical insulating shoes is one of the safety shoes series, general points of low voltage insulation, 6 kv insulated or 10 kv high-voltage insulation. As an electrician in distribution operations when wear armor of a safe, affordable, well used but also the important premise of safety guarantee. ( 1) If there is a shock hazard electrical insulating shoes should a man wear, wear suitable work environment risk electrical insulated shoes, work as the auxiliary and safe appliance and use labor protection articles shoes. ( 2) Note electrical insulating shoes is not guarantee 100% protection electric shock, and avoid the danger of additional testing is required. These tests as mentioned below for additional testing, should be a daily part of the risk assessment process. ( 3) During the term of use, insulated shoes avoid performance should conform to the requirements at any time. ( 4) During use insulated shoes may be indented, cutting, wear or chemical pollution and the influence of the damage, should be checked regularly, the damaged shoes cannot be used again to insulated shoes. ( 5) Banned in pollution places wearing soles material, such as chemicals, etc. , into such danger zone will affect the performance of shoes. ( 6) When suggest users to establish a suitable shoes electric insulation performance of the inspection and test means. ( 7) Use this product on the working environment should be kept dry upper. ( 8) The preventive test electrical insulating shoes withstand voltage and leakage current value should conform to the requirements of the standard, each preventive test results are valid for more than six months. ( 9) Should be forbidden and sharps, high temperature, acid, alkali or other corrosive materials contact, during storage, should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse, prevent mildew, piled up off the ground, walls, 0. More than 2 m. ( 10) Storage period of 24 months, more than 24 months of their product line by the electrical preventive inspection, inspection can be used in insulating shoes. When people is for the use of electrical insulation shoes, be sure to learn more about the shoes use safe range, and use some of the aspects of the taboo, so as to better achieve its security guarantees.
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