The discrimination method of the rubber sole

by:BEF     2020-07-05

rubber soles, identify methods:

rubber sole is made of natural rubber or synthetic rubber production. Since rubber is a kind of polymer compounds. So rubber soles of shoes of high elasticity and very high wear resistance, and subjected to bending, stretching, compression and are not destroyed. Also has the acid and alkaline and therefore suitable for wear on rainy days. A lot of shoes in the market now are almost all used rubber outsole. Like basketball, soccer, tennis shoes, etc. Because its are more violent sports, so the bottoms are required to have higher wear resistance. In fact, the rubber is all use rubber soles, a general designation of movement, according to the specific material and ingredients, rubber soles can also can detailed into rubber, natural rubber, wear-resisting environmental protection rubber, rubber and air plus carbon rubber sole and so on.

rubber is soft, elasticity is very strong, is easy to distinguish, squash with the hand flexibility is strong; With his nose to smell tastes like an eraser is; Hard to jilt to the ground, there are signs of plays.

rubber sole as running sole most see material, in the daily dress also need to pay attention to the following matters athletes or sports hobby people often wear rubber soles sports shoes, they buy in order to prolong the service life of the shoes, please remember to cleaning may be less as far as possible more, it had to wash after using the stand shoes will help to restore the prototype. Or fill of cardboard in the shoes, to have the effect of kill two birds with one stone, can not only help to restore the shape of the shoe, and can quickly absorb excess water in the shoes.

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