The difference between single density and density of safety shoes and distinguish method

by:BEF     2020-11-27
According to the different of safety shoes, safety shoes can be divided into two kinds of double density and single density. As the name implies, the double density means the sole material has two kinds of different density. The problem comes, single density safety shoes and what is the difference between density of safety shoes, how to distinguish between the two? Single density difference between safety shoes and density of safety shoes: 1, the service life of the different density of single safety shoes usually comfort performance, service life, the soles, etc. , will more than double density safety shoes. In one of the most common PU bottom safety shoes, for example, single density PU bottom relative to the density PU bottom safety shoes, more less toughness and elasticity, service life is much shorter. After long time use, the bottom of the single density PU safety shoes soles crack, cause foot fatigue more easily. 2, the price is not the same as single density safety shoes price is much lower, 20 ~ 40 yuan of safety shoes on the market most of them are single density PU bottom, service life is about three months at most. If you want to buy a good density safety shoes, price is in 100 yuan or so commonly, also has a good 200 yuan. Identify single density safety shoes and the method of density of safety shoes: 1, compare the finished labor insurance shoes sectional anatomy after labor insurance shoes longitudinal cut surface, can be observed clearly to help section plane section, the section of accessorial material, and the soles, steel head and steel plate and the internal structure and internal process of the shoe. The density of single density sole section is the same, with the hand to press will feel more hard. And dual density soles, cross section, which can be clearly observed from top to bottom layer 2 density is different, use hand to press will feel elastic is very good. Note that there are two kinds of color of the sole is not equal to have two kinds of density. 2, try on different density of labor insurance shoes through the line, squatting, kick, stomp feelings of single and double different density of labor insurance shoes comfort. You can feel, density of safety shoes more comfortable soft when do the action. Identify single density safety shoes safety shoes and dual density difference is actually very simple, after watching this knowledge, you can try to discern when buy, which could help you to buy better safety shoes.
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