The difference between safety shoes and ordinary

by:BEF     2020-12-12
Safety shoes which is a professional for the foot shoes, so called safety shoes, and it is different from ordinary shoes, it is a protection performance, ordinary shoes is our shoes at ordinary times, no protection role. Safety shoes it is used on some homework, at the time of operation need safety shoes to protect your feet. Safety shoes have corresponding application scope, basic with no life, this is it's different from ordinary shoes. Safety shoes are essential to the members of the labor protection articles, its application scope and widely. As compared with ordinary shoes, the differences embodied in what aspects? First, from the point of shoes material itself differences: ordinary shoes generally adopts common materials, cloth materials such as textile, leather, etc. , and safety shoes must be with good insulation materials, electrostatic material, head layer cowhide, special materials, such as high temperature resistance. , not to mention, most ordinary shoes are beef tendon, from the point of the market at present, safety shoes with rubber soles or PU bottom, etc. Second, from the perspective of the place of use: the use of safety shoes place largely in the electroplating workshop, construction site, large factory machinery, such as the specific work sites. And ordinary shoes is basically used to walking, shopping, and some have no larger danger existing office and other public places. Third, from the design concept difference, safety protective footwear is designed to protect people's feet, so the design of the primary factor to consider is safety. Ordinary shoes more consideration is beautiful, comfortable, fashionable, light and so on, just in order to cater to the needs of the consumers. Fourth, safety shoes and common shoes also reflected in the difference of the properties, applications and related aspects. Cannot use ordinary shoes when the safety shoes work, should from the homework and work such as considering the actual situation, and choose appropriate own safety shoes, ensure the safety and health.
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