The difference between labor insurance shoes and safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-11-25
Safety shoes also is a kind of labor insurance shoes, but labor insurance shoes is not necessarily a security, such as the kind of canvas shoes for green hair on the site, the somebody else say it is labor insurance shoes, but it does not protect the foot safety protection function. Safety shoes also known as labor insurance shoes, generally refers to the safety shoes and shoes, steel toe shoes. But strictly speaking, safety shoes is divided into: protect the toes safety shoes, anti-static shoes, electric insulation safety shoes, high temperature resistant safety shoes, etc. , but the most commonly used safety shoes is to protect the security of the toes shoes, namely the shoes, because the shoes front generally with steel baotou, so they are commonly known as steel toe shoes. Of course, most of the time most people or a collectively safety shoes for labor insurance shoes, safety shoes are professional on prevention, prevent slippery, prevent electrostatic or insulation, puncture proof of labor insurance shoes. The correct use and maintenance method, to ensure safety shoes play their effectiveness and maintain a user's foot health, so more attention must be paid to the following matters: 1, can not modify the structure of the safety shoes. 2, wearing appropriate safety shoes size, will help keep the feet of the person that wear durability of health and shoes. 3, pay attention to personal hygiene, the user should keep the feet and shoes clean and dry. 4, regular cleaning, safety shoes, but should not adopt solvent cleaner. In addition, the soles also shall be regularly swept to avoid accumulation of dirt, as the soles conductive or antistatic performance will be affected by how much adhesive contaminants and flex effect. 5, storage safety shoes in a cool, dry and ventilated place. In the maintenance of safety shoes and common fashion shoes maintain essentially the same. Often to wipe, clean, often play shoe polish can prolong the use of safety shoes. Use of safety shoes and waterproof shoes used in the area of oil or oil splashing places; Waterproof shoes for ground water or splashing water workplaces; Warm shoes foot protection for workers at low temperature, in order to avoid the frostbite. Puncture proof shoes for foot protection, to prevent being various pointed person stabbed. Against the main function of shoes is falling above the foot. Before shoes baotou have impact resistant material. Steel shoes main function is to prevent the burning hot, cut, should be able to withstand the static pressure and resistance to a certain temperature, non-flammable. This kind of shoes before apply to metallurgy, furnace, cast iron, etc. In addition to the above and some special shoe cover, such as canvas, asbestos, aluminum membrane material of shoe cover etc. The selection of protective shoe selection and maintenance of protective shoes should be according to the nature of the dangers of working environment and damage degree. Protective shoes should have product certificate and product manuals. Read the instructions before use should be controlled using the condition, use the method to correct.
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