The difference between injection and cold nien labor insurance shoes and discrimination method

by:BEF     2020-12-04
Labor insurance shoes is mainly used for foot safety protection, the harm of its selection should be based on the working environment, the nature and the harm caused by some protective labor insurance shoes have product certification and product specifications. Labor insurance shoes in production, according to its process can be divided into two categories, injection molding and cold glue. In order to make better use of labor insurance shoes, today we will introduce some of the difference between injection and cold nien labor insurance shoes. 1, injection molding is made by machine labor insurance shoes, the vamp on the aluminum here after, generally by the rotary machine directly into PVC, TPR materials, such as one-time forming soles, now have the PU ( Chemical name polyurethane) Injection molding ( The machine and mold is not the same as general injection molding) 。 Injection molding production has the advantage of high yield, low prices. But if the design is more, not only in mould is more trouble, shoes to finalize the design difficulty, so generally suitable for sole style single orders. 2, cold sticky hand-made labor insurance shoes, we usually say, Italy, Spain those famous brand shoes belong to this class. General need cold sticky lines for processing. General soles factory more than 2 w double open mold free of charge. Practice is the vamp use plastic here and sole together with glue. Advantages: fine workmanship, it is better to make shoes. Weakness: the daily output is small, the price is higher, generally more than suitable for medium-sized factory production to form scale. 3, discrimination method of cold glue and injection of the most obvious difference is that a soles labor insurance shoes, injection shoes heel or edge line, cold and sticky soles, that is in the vamp and the soles bonding that surface, so look not to come out.
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