The difference between EVA soles, PHYLON, PU material

by:BEF     2020-06-27

PHYLON originated in the United States, the earliest shoes bottom are called PHYLON, not EVA soles and PHYLON bottom, then with the development of the footwear products, in Taiwan and South Korea, some of the big brand footwear factory source for product research and development, in the end of the name of the points more systematic, have we now call EVA sole. Below I will popular about EVA soles and PHYLON different between in the bottom. Now use most shoes in the bottom is bottom of PHYLON, PHYLON biggest characteristic is light, good elasticity, has the very good cushioning performance, PHYLON is called the secondary foam.

EVA sole is very light, but the cushioning properties and elastic far than the PHYLON bottom, cost is much lower than PHYLON, also known as a foam EVA sole. They attribute, the name is different, the performance of different reason lies in the PHYLON are two foaming, the EVA sole is a foaming. After the material injection mould by high temperature after heating a molding shoes in the bottom, is called a foam in the bottom, is the EVA sole.

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