The difference between esd safety shoes and electricians

by:BEF     2020-12-01
Antistatic safety is the main difference between shoes and an electrician? A lot of friends in the purchase of safety shoes for the first time will have such question, actually the difference is obvious, one is made of antistatic material, one is made of insulating material. Specific difference is as follows: first, anti-static safety shoes material and electrical material qualitative resistance are different. In general, the insulation resistance is greater than 1012 Ω, and anti-static resistance between Ω Ω 106 and 1012. Insulating rubber is not conductive, antistatic material is conductive, but the resistance value is bigger, the standard requirement is between 106 to 109. Second, anti-static safety shoes and electrical performance of different shoes. Antistatic safety shoes can eliminate human body electrostatic accumulation can also prevent electric shock under 6 kv, savings on to the human body electrostatic antistatic safety shoes import underground. Anti-static can wear safety shoes to some, the dry air in the winter, people prone to static electricity, wearing anti-static safety shoes can also avoid personal by static electric shock. Electrician shoe soles use cannot conduct electricity insulation materials, it can isolate the body with the earth, make human body even in contact with the conductive body, also won't produce an electric shock accident. Finally, antistatic safety shoes and insulation application scope is different. Antistatic safety shoes is mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, coal mining, printing, rubber, medical, dust-free purification, electronic industries workplaces, in the process of using friction does not produce static electricity, need to use with anti-static clothing. And shoes can only be used for the maintenance technician to use at work, in order to reduce the risk of electric shock. As you can see, the esd safety shoes and an electrician or many, the difference between the two different principle, not only cannot mix to wear at work instead of using more, otherwise it is easy to cause dangerous situation.
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