The definition and detection methods of extra labor insurance shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-12
In the daily production of enterprises, safety accident is everywhere, a slight negligence, will do great harm to the enterprise and worker. In these injuries, due to the worker's feet are usually in the lower parts of the job position, workers in the use of tools, operating machinery and material handling work at any time to be exposed to heavy, hard, with the object of edges and corners, so that your feet are, by the parts, so for the protection of worker feet is particularly important. Enterprise according to operation conditions and special right of labor insurance shoes can effectively prevent the damage. In a large number of metal stamping, die electroplating, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and steel production workshop, due to the intrinsic characteristics of industry, shop floor is always a lot of iron filings, scattered nails is hard and sharp foreign body, in such a work environment, a pair of extra labor insurance shoes can have enough protective effect. So, what is extra labor insurance shoes? Extra labor insurance shoes is installed on the soles 0. 05 mm after degreasing processed in the stainless steel base plate, iron nails to prevent sharp objects such as piercing the soles of shoe soles and damage enterprise employees, its puncture resistance is greater than 1100 Newton, accord with national standard GB21148 - 2007 for extra strength. Mainly used in mining, machinery, building, metallurgy, harvesting, transportation and other industries. Extra labor insurance shoes are generally puncture proof and anti smashing function match at the same time, but not and insulation function collocation, because the insulation shoes is about the worker's life safety, sole cannot be destroyed. If the insulation sole damaged should immediately stop using, also should pay attention to waterproof, water can conduct electricity, under the environment of charged use is dangerous. Puncture proof test method: test machine is equipped with a pressure plate, pressure plate is equipped with nail test, in test nails for a cut to the head of the cutting-edge, nail head hardness should be greater than 60 HRC. Put sole sample machine chassis, position can make the nail pierced through the outsole test, the test pin to 10 mm/min & plusmn; 3 mm/min speed puncture the soles, until penetration, record the strongly required. Four points for each soles choice test ( At least one point in the heel) , various points not less than 30 mm apart, and from the inner bottom edge distance is greater than 10 mm. Has non-slip bottom, should be pierced between blocks. Four points of the two points should be from the planting base stare blankly in 10 - edge line 15 mm distance test, record each point to penetrate energetically. If the humidity will affect the results, the test should be before the sole in 20 ℃ & plusmn; 2 ℃ deionized water in 16 & plusmn; 1h。
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