The cut vamp let your feet enjoy real breathable

by:BEF     2020-07-22
With the high-speed development of industry, on the technological innovation also brought the Gospel of many products to consumers. Manufacturers are aware of, in the process of walking and sports, sweating, nausea foot often happen, if the shoe breathable performance is bad, often will sweat inside shoes, and will produce large Numbers of fungi that cause bad breath, especially on a hot summer day, the emergence of this situation is very common. For shoes, therefore, should have some comfort and permeability, consumers have the new request, now mostly use cloth or leather footwear market, these shoes are not good permeability, and the uppers are hard, buffer and comfortability is very poor, buy new shoes will sometimes even broken foot, greatly affect the wearing comfort, if using a single mesh cloth fabric, shoes the poor shape and crisp, easy to deformation. Prevent cut vamp material of polyester, polyester is the best material, heat resistance of synthetic fiber fabric, even at high temperatures will be lower than the temperature of the heated by other fabrics on the 3 - 5 degrees, and the light fastness is very good, is only inferior to acrylic, and good performance for a variety of chemicals, acid, alkali products for its damage is not large, not afraid of the mold, the more afraid of eat by moth. Only do not increase the prevention of the wearer's stuffy feeling cut vamp is the real can give vent to enjoy comfortable feeling!
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