The current prevention to cut cloth fabric what are the advantages and disadvantages?

by:BEF     2020-07-18
Accident is everywhere, one not careful, in danger of being cut will occur in daily work, there are plenty in the contact of the tool and the blade, paper knife, trimming knife, staple, etc. , in operation, in order to avoid the finger is hurt, of course we will choose some cautious, but for some long-term training athletes, because competition is intense, the fierce collision is inevitable, the slip at the same time is also very easy to bring their own secondary damage. As early as 3 years, has approved the increase athletes in game in the cut cloth fabric used on clothing. At present, has been by the United States, the Netherlands and other countries to produce can be applied to short-track race against the cut cloth fabric, and can be broadly divided into two kinds, one kind is overall clothes were adopted against the cutting material, the other is a part of the area using the cutting material. Its advantage is that can ensure the athletes in the event of a collision cutting injury is minimized and service, guarantee the safety of athletes. However, it also has shortcomings, because the dress is too thick, athletes don't want to wear, thought to have influence on the complete technical movement, of course, this may be related to the fitness of athletes to new things. Movement is not only an event, in the game at the same time, also must be in place for the protection of the athlete, if the current anti cut cloth fabric in the field of movement on the use of still have some shortcomings, after constant innovation and transformation, believe that can meet the requirements of the current use standard.
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