The court dismissed the red soles of YSL prosecution

by:BEF     2020-07-06

red sole as Christie - signature Louboutin ( Christian Louboutin) Company, in see yves - rivals Yves saint Laurent, 伊夫·圣劳瑞特) Manhattan store, also selling red soles, with 'illegal competition' and 'trademark infringement' the name of the latter one paper to court. But the court the prosecution that the red soles are its features, but not as a sole all the 'brand'.

a federal judge Victor Marrero said that given in the fashion industry, color has a beautiful decorative function, play a decisive role for competition, the court said Christie - Christian louboutin is difficult to prove that entitled to trademark protection. Christie - Louboutin does not provide enough evidence to prove that eve - Yves saint Laurent infringement of trademark 'red sole', so the request which the red bottom shoes from the window down and pay $1 million for compensation is not support.

Christie - Lawyers representing louboutin company Harley Lewin said Christie - Louboutin himself and his company very disappointed with the court's ruling, and are working on 'all possible measures', but he has no specific details.

the lawyer pointed out that the eu internal market department has recently been approved Christie - Christian louboutin red bottom heels 'registered trademark'. Harley Lewin believes that the red soles from 1992 began to appear, 'it helps everyone to immediately identify Louboutin design, the brand has been registered in the United States in 2008'.

many celebrities have to like Christian louboutin shoes, especially the singer Jennifer Lopez also special record the song called Christian louboutin MTV. Christian louboutin shoes also appear in the film 'sex and the city 2'.

yves - Yves saint Laurent is not the only by Christie - Brand louboutin charges. Brazil brand Carmen enterprise Steffens store opened in Paris, Christie - just received Louboutin a lawyer letter, charged with its design products used in the red soles.

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