The correct understanding and puncture-proof cloth in the raw materials

by:BEF     2020-07-22
Letter, and in daily life, we adopted many cloth looks like on industrial materials used in appearance, feel is not big difference, but the gap is very big. In the labor protection articles and puncture-proof cloth in the use of raw materials, in the jacket, the use of all kinds of bags and tents are common, because of its wrinkle resistance of conformal sex is very good, now involved in the industry have been updated. But the use of industrial polyester filament and ordinary industrial polyester fiber has a difference. Dacron high strength wire refers to the high strength wire, polyester industrial yarn is refers to the industrial use of silk. The strength of the industrial yarn is generally higher than the civil and the high strength wire should be stronger than ordinary industrial filament than high is higher. Polyester industrial yarn according to its performance can be divided into standard, low shrinkage, size stability. Standard polyester industrial yarn versatility, high demand, manufacturing difficulty and cost of production is relatively low. Low shrinkage type type and dimension stability of polyester industrial yarn performance requirement is high, manufacture is difficult, the production cost is relatively high, but polyester industrial yarn price higher than that of nylon, will gradually achieve alternative of polyamide, the replacement rate is only 10% at present, the vast space in the future. The general trend is the increasing demand for polyester industrial yarn, polyester industrial yarn production to improve. From the characteristics of raw materials, we can see is the piercing cloth in the bottom of strong and durable, can absorb the shock load, and has the advantages such as soft continous black silk ribbon.
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