The correct maintenance and maintenance of antistatic safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-01
Anti-static work in the production and living has become the people of a link, then produced anti-static industry, a large number of antistatic products arises at the historic moment. The next major talk about antistatic safety shoes how to preserve the relevant knowledge. Should be paid attention to in the transport, anti-static shoes must have a cover, shall not damage the packaging, to prevent sunburn and contact with high temperature; It is forbidden to use in the process of handling hand hook procrastination. Antistatic safety shoes should be stored in a dry ventilated warehouse, prevent mildew deterioration. Storage, more than 200 mm off the ground and wall, leaving all the heating element 1 m or more. Should avoid direct sunlight, it is strictly prohibited to open place. Anti-static shoes is required at time of packaging, storage and proper mothproofing agent. ( Safety shoes) In terms of maintenance, had better use neutral detergent to clean anti-static shoes, don't mingle with other clothes to wash, wash with soft hand washing or washing machines wash program, so as to avoid conductive fiber breakage. Washing water temperature should be below 40 ℃, rinse with cold water. Washing time as short as possible, but must be fully rinse, to remove residual detergents. With flame retardant, oil performance anti-static shoes, do not use bleach, organic solvents decontamination. Anti-static shoes walking dress, more convenient, can effectively guide to static electricity produced by the body in the process of walking. Applicable to the CLASS purification workshop of 1000 or above. Must be in dust-free production workshop. Semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, electronic tube manufacturing and other industries. Wear anti-static place for safety shoes should be anti-static floor ( Keep clean) , wear anti-static shoes should not be wearing thick woolen socks and insulation insoles, labor insurance shoes can't stick with insulation material, wear after a period of time ( Generally no more than 200 h) Should carry on the resistance test, and then decided to clean or replace.
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