The construction site should choose what labor insurance shoes?

by:BEF     2020-12-02
Many workers on the construction site in the face of a great variety of labor insurance shoes, safety shoes, don't know if I should choose what kind of labor insurance shoes, in their concept of some people think that as long as it is in Chinese shoes should be to ensure the security of their homework, actually cannot treat as the same. Now with the rising of the labor protection, the use of labor protection articles also more and more targeted, even if the workers in the construction site, they are also likely to wear safety shoes of different function. Construction site construction site labor insurance shoes usually used are: insulation, high temperature resistant safety shoes, shoes and shoes, and leather warm shoes, etc. Insulated shoes suitable for wear in electrical engineering department and technical personnel, electrician personnel throughout the beginning and end of the project, due to the complexity of construction site environment, therefore, electrician work environment is extremely dangerous, so must wear safety helmet insulation, insulated gloves and safety shoes insulation. High-temperature and construction site safety shoes everywhere is flamed welding sputtering, therefore, if the working environment is often near the scene of the electric welding, welding protective shoes can consider to buy. Hit a safety shoes, everywhere on the site could be stick stick stick or stone brick crumbs hit, so the shoes is a good choice, at the same time, the rubber soles has good elasticity and shock absorption effect, wearing comfortable, thus preventing smashing rubber shoes suitable for wear in the vast majority of construction workers. Cowhide warm against the shoes are suitable for winter wear with workmates, cowhide permeability is strong, therefore, cowhide warm shoes not only keep warm, breathable, and resistant, wear-resisting, prevent the Labour protection features such as puncture. There is no best, only the most appropriate, therefore, the choice of the specific Chinese shoes based on the actual working environment of the fellow workers.
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