The construction site of danger, please configure appropriate safety shoes for construction workers

by:BEF     2020-11-25
Sustained and rapid development since the reform and development, the construction industry, the status and function in national economy gradually strengthened, the construction industry is a industry accidents, relative to other industries should be more emphasis on safety production. As a construction enterprise, has its inherent characteristics. Construction area is wide, aerial work, mechanical injury, electric shock, chemical explosion, etc. , is one of the major hazards more industry, building enterprise one thousand workers because be versed in dead and one thousand wounded rate control index is much higher than that of general industry, employees face damage mainly has collapsed, objects, mechanical damage, falls and get an electric shock, fire, explosion, poisoning, dust, noise, vibration, the damage of the vehicles. So on the basis of the production safety law and regulations on the construction engineering safety production management, adhere to the safety in production & other; People-oriented & throughout; The guiding ideology, construction site workers need to wear more appropriate labor insurance supplies to ensure their own security. Speaking of labor protection articles, we may first think of helmets, safety belts, protective gloves, dust masks, welding mask, and safety shoes, protective shoes, these are used to protect laborers foot of supplies, often overlooked, why can have such ideas? For not wearing a helmet, when suffers accident harm, due to injury is the head, is likely to result in serious injury or death; But I don't wear protective shoes, damage will be much lighter, compared with very little will endanger the life. It is for this reason, the correctly wear safety shoes often ignored by workers. According to industry authority statistics show that: the foot and leg protection: 66% leg injured workers did not wear safety shoes, protective shoes, 33% are in general recreational shoe, injured workers, 85% because items hit the unprotected part of the shoes. To protect the leg feet from under item drops, rolling, spikes, molten metal wet, hot surface, surface damage, workers must wear proper safety shoes. Safety shoes to protect the steel toe head must have enough function to prevent heavy and sharp object impact on labor insurance shoes, soles well with puncture proof function at the same time. To do safety first, prevention first, purchasing safety shoes, labor protection shoes, and do not covet is cheap. Only qualified safety shoes can play a protective role. Safety construction of construction enterprise is related to the enterprise each management, construction personnel career and health, related to the peace and happiness of thousands of homes, enterprises only all say, everyone knows, all to security situation, to do the construction and safety of double harvest.
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