The construction safety protection without a pair of safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-11-27
On the construction site work environment is complex, workers need to wear protective their job security, labor protection articles such as some construction workers need to dress up safety shoes, some need to dress and puncture-proof safety shoes, some still need against it in puncture safety shoes at the same time, we don't look down upon the function of a pair of safety shoes, it really have the big use at some critical moments, greatly reduce the harm that sudden dangerous work. Construction site usually have type steel structure, some construction workers also need to carry tools in the above work, under the steel structure work of workers in the safety shoes, can effectively reduce the pressure on falling objects on his foot, security to protect their feet. Because have hit resistant safety shoes is installed on the top of the shoe have resistance to impact in baotou, baotou placed within between shoes and shoe, can greatly reduce the falling objects to the injury of the foot. Construction site ground generally have are piled up, along with the complexity of the working environment, the construction workers wore and puncture-proof safety shoes, protective feet can not be ground nails, metal waste, or other sharp object was stabbed in the foot of the danger. And puncture proof safety shoes because above the soles into steel piece, so can prevent foot of sharp objects pierced soles, effective foot protection to ensure operation safety. Numerous construction operation scene construction site workers, should not only pay attention to your work in hand when working in the security, but also pay attention to the threat from the external force, such as being rolled tube parts foot, ground sharp piercing soles and so on, the occurrence of these dangerous against it without wearing a piercing safety shoes on your feet when security threats. In fact, we always need to according to the different environment to wear shoes, such as mountain climbing wear hiking shoes, running to wear running shoes and so on. And some of the possible safety hazard environment will need to wear safety shoes. In the construction site, construction personnel will face heavy falls and sharp objects puncture environment, the corresponding these workers need to wear with protection of digit and puncture proof of safety shoes.
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